Anyway, it sold around three hundred and sixty million units. You plug them in, turn your device on, and music comes through. It should be the focus point for all your efforts, the piece of equipment that can make or break your sound. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission. Just as impressive was the lack of soundstage constriction.

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A simple DAC upgrade can do wonders for your audio playback, as for example, a 4K-capable TV might change your movie viewing meridlan. Only one lights up for audio playback resolutions of When I think of British digital electronics, the first name that comes to mind is Meridian. The second mini-jack out is a Line Out – reserved for connections with stereo ampsfor example.

At The Master Switch, we spend an awful lot of time thinking about audio. Even so, perspective please!

View the discussion thread. Thus, low bass could be weightier and more precise. The top of the matte aluminum body features the engraved words Meridian Explorer2 in a darker metallic color and three LED lights, which help indicate the quality of audio being player.

Again – bags of top end clarity, mellow but tight mids and round, organic-sounding bass… All in all, very capable audiophile performance that will do justice to any high-fidelity material. You plug them in, turn your device on, and music comes through. It should be the focus point for all your efforts, the piece of equipment that can make or break your sound.


Tonally, the Explorer supplies smooth touches of analog-like warmth and fluidity. The Explorer marks a shrewd opportunity to spread the gospel of high-quality portable sound to a much broader read: Sure, but no major complaints.

Having connected the DAC to a computer via a regular USB portthe unit is ready to take over all audio playback duties from your existing sound card. This is a problem that dogs meridiann portable DAC segment. You can read more about MQA and other related audio formats here.

Strings soared more effortlessly; the acoustics of medidian venue were more immersive. Meridian include step-by-step instructions with their driver downloads and it is not a bad idea to follow those even if you have done this sort of thing before.

Meridian Explorer USB DAC

Everything flows into it, and everything flows out of it Everything you need to know about headphone specs. Dear Sony marketing department: Sonically all are impressive—mini-miracles if you will—yet the Meridian is a little more intrepid dynamically with a dimensional complexity that makes it stand apart.

That enlarged soundstage is the first striking difference. Akdio Explorer also brings expressive midbass to the streamer segment, with sturdy timbres and purer, cleaner dynamic punch.


What really sets the Fulla2 apart is flexibility – it can act as a standalone preamp or just as DAC if you like, and it will audi pretty much with anything, including smartphones. The Explorer2 uses auto-sensing circuitry which deactivates the headphone preamp when the line-level output is in use, reducing potential crosstalk noise.

Meridian Explorer USB DAC | The Absolute Sound

You wouldn’t expect headphones to need any special equipment to work. Pictures can often deceive regarding real size audiio proportions. We really dig the sound, and although AudioQuest are working on MQA file support, this is still not a live feature. Learn More About Personal Audio.

The cherry-picking moment of the unboxing experience is, of course, unwrapping the unit itself and having a closer look and feel. It changed the way we listen to music forever – and today, Apple is no longer the market leader. An amp should be the center of your hi-fi world.