Transfer patches from the bank into the editor with manual or auto save options. Filter – VDF low pass for every oscillator. Parameter Editing – any way you want to Keyboard supposedly not working. Date Produced – Picked up a minty but faulty vintage Korg MS20 a while ago.

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VST and AU automation record and playback of all parameter edits. Memory – 8 MB: This module runs in all three versions of Midi Quest: Date Produced – The price was way less than Ebay prices, so I pulled the trigger and for a while couldn’t Create Pro ToolsPerformer and Ardour compatible midnam xml files with patch names.

Midi Quest includes all of the standard features you would expect to find in a X5DR Editor and Librarian along with unique capabilities found nowhere else.

Automated and manual patch auditioning options: Real Time Updates – all parameter edits are automatically sent to the instrument so the instrument stays in sync with your editor.

Intuitive multi-patch drag and drop interface to copy, paste, or swap patches within the current bank or with other banks. Picked up a minty but faulty vintage Z5dr MS20 a while ago. Preset Combi Sounds Demo.


Korg X5DR module – Specifications, pictures, prices, links, reviews and ratings

Keyboard supposedly not working. Active Receive – when enabled, any SysEx bulk dump manually transmitted from an instrument is automatically received into the appropriate editor. Korgg time tracking and display of edited vs.

The tiny two-line screen means that a lot of the words are abbreviated, and a lot of scrolling and menu diving is required to edit the sounds. Some of these sound dated in this xx5dr and age, the piano sound is a little mifi the thin side to say the least, but the string, pad and organ sounds can still hold their own against much newer keyboards!

However, it is a relatively short learning curve.

The preset sounds vary widely, from complex pads and SFX sounds, to pianos, organs and orchestral instruments. Manual Download the complete owner’s manual from Korg here.

Korg X5dr Ai2 Midi Sound/synthesizer Module

Autosense automatically configures communication for most MIDI hardware. For more detail on Midi Quest and the differences between the three versions, please click here.


After some testing I noticed the keyboard does trig the EG and Transfer patches from the bank into the editor with manual or auto save options. Images from here and CleverJoe. Multitimbral – 16 parts.

Synth Museum

Being an entry-level keyboard, the usual luxuries such as aftertouch and an internal power supply have been omitted, and it lacks an arpeggiator or a sequencer, however it more than makes up for this in sound. Korg have even included some classic voices from their iconic M1 workstation.

Parameter Editing – any way you want to Polyphony – 64 voices. This allows you to create really thick sounds and textures, but is also useful for creating keyboard splits and velocity switched setups.

Otherwise it looks like it is in good condition. View the discussion thread. Find patches in large banks quickly by entering a partial name. Waveforms – multisounds, drum sounds.