When the X Window System starts, you are logged in to that user account automatically, without a password. AOL and Compuserve are completely incompatible. Try a real serial mouse. Some acronyms have other acronyms as part of their definition. With laptop sales on the rise, it is increasingly common that your desktop machine is actually a laptop. When trying to decide which CD to choose, it helps to understand the scheme Knoppix uses for naming CD images. How do I use the boot floppy?

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After exiting a Window program, Wine will show either a status message that the program closed with success or an error message.

Knowing Knoppix/Knoppix for the first time

I didn’t want to change the default anyhow and just commented out that command. The downside is that an installation is way over 4 times the size of knopipx I typically install with SuSE.

The user can then bring up a desired visual setup for the screenshot, move the mouse over the rxvt icon 256bm not de-iconify it and then press enter. This works by way of an rxvt window being able to receive input even when iconifiedwith the mouse cursor hovering above the icon either on the desktop or in the TWM Icon Manager. As so often in life, a matter of picking and choosing one’s tools in this case Opera and Firefox and vi and how one uses them.


Many cheap colour laser printers do not work. Mozilla has not been included since that version in favor of Mozilla Firefox. Something newer would definitely boot a bit faster: Here is what I added to menu.

Most commercial DVD movie discs cannot be played. By default, Windows programs’ UI texts are displayed in a font called Adventure, which is shown in small type, and is ugly and unsuitable for use in user interfaces.

1. Boot Knoppix – Knoppix Hacks, 2nd Edition [Book]

This behaviour will be familiar to Apple Macintosh users. The time now is In any case, it didn’t matter: The kernel and the base system takes about 20 Mb of RAM.

One advantage to using the tohd cheat code is that the knoppix directory it copies is not deleted when you reboot. Get the Latest Version. This meant that anyone could use, improve or sell Linux, but no-one could take overall control.

A workaround is koppix delete the. I can’t get KMix to start by clicking in the K menu.

Knoppix has built-in hardware identification. What if you want to use the CD drive for something else? Symlinking to a font directory goes like this:.

Screen flicker may occur when refresh rates are too low, or tiny icons may occur when a resolution is too high. Unlike OpenOffice, KOffice is quick to start. Otherwise, to quickly check the kernel version from within Knoppix itself, run the following command in a terminal: Even Knoppix can’t, without help. Because it’s a screen saver, it requires the least amount of user input to quit the app, which is why it won’t require a title bar for some reason, attached to the screen saver by defaultso as to have the least distance between the cursor and the screensaver proper to dismiss it in nearly a click.


Join our community today! Knoppix checks to see if there is a Linux swap partition available. The key to press that takes you into the BIOS setup is usually shown on the screen just after you turn the computer on. Some versions of Linux mount external devices automatically. However, unlike the moving inversions test, writing and checking can only be done in the forward direction. At least that’s what I chose to do.