If you think everything is correct, you can try to restart your computer. Anonymous March 8, at 2: But I have been unable to get the packet reinjection to bear fruits. There is no crashing I am able to scan except it is extremely slow almost to slow that the program is impossible to use and the thinking wheel is constantly spinning. And you’re right, it’s probably not working because there aren’t any unique IVs. Pranjal September 6, at 6: It’s just when people show a strong belief of entitlement coupled with rudeness and the spelling capabilities of a lolcat, then, I must admit that the answer is not that

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Stephen Roberts’ Blog: Cracking WEP Networks with KisMAC+aircrack-ng on Mac OS X Lion

You need to send me that beast ASAP for me to conduct some scientific test, research purpose only: I think about the Lion upgrade and I have some questions: If you’re able to collect enough information, aqus036h don’t really need another usb wireless adapter.


It’s open source, why is there no discussion of it on KisMAC’s webpage or anywhere else on the net? I mean how many hours, more or less.

Admin January 6, at Admin May 6, at Alejandro N April 18, at 1: Failed to locate ‘make’ kksmac path: Admin October 2, at 4: They are simple and short instructions. Stephen Roberts August 28, at 5: If you have Kali App, you can play with both.

Read the blog, already explained in details. I have not tested the engenius, but, I find the use of gimmicks a bit troubling. Me September 23, at 2: Anonymous December 1, at 9: I don’t think you’ll find much better in Europe.

Re-injection is NOT instantaneous. Michael Scher May 14, at 9: Anonymous November 23, at 6: It just keeps scanning as if I had not clicked on anything.

Han June 14, at Does KicMac and Alfa work on Lion too? Me, myself and I, was able to pull a 15km range with an Alfa.


Admin October 28, at I read in a blog that the mw burn your usb port, that you should use kismad mw, is this true? I am trying to connect to a university network setup with WPA2-Enterprise security.

J September 23, at 2: If we need wordlists anyway, I don’t understand what the unique IV’s are for. Michel November 25, at 9: The 2 other alfa will not work with Kismac either, please see Chipset. With my NHR, I can get aws036h working signal from house to house, trough multiple walls, fairly close to the ground, and I can’t complain about it.

Admin January 10, at 8: Keep at it and let me know your results! Anonymous September 5, at