Images submitted as self posts must include an informative description for context. Either way, it will help future proof you for a long time. I have my V. I actually enjoyed pulling up that data. What model do they have if you buy from them and what service are you actually getting from them?

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Difference Between Modems : hardware

Submit a new link. Log in or sign up in seconds. There are some differences. What is that limit? Motorola is a major established brand. I personally use an SB right now. Is it like HDMI cables?

Switching to Teksavvy – need modem – Forums

Difference Between Modems self. So I wanted to ask: That modem was the bane of my existence. Between and the period not covered by the first graphthe USD never dipped below parity with respect to the CAD.


Any rumor or claim that is just a statement from an unknown source containing no supporting evidence will be removed. No self-edtiorialized titles, just copy the title of the site, with the exception of clickbait titles. I went through three in two weeks before they gave me a surfboard and I’ve been happy ever since. Do Sl2801 editorialize the title of the submission minor changes for clarity may be acceptable.

Posts should be about hardware news, reviews, technical discussion or how-tos and buyers guides. Spam and Self Promotion: Further than that, it was hard to find good data. If u get a package with more than M you won’t see those speeds without a docsis 3 modem. I personally like the Motorola surfboard modems; they’re pretty simple and bombproof. Joohohg just went for the safe bet and spent the extra 10 on the offered on eBay.

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JOOHONG SL2810 DOCSIS 2.0 Cable Modem Full (Instant Download 2015)

I see you’re American. Sounds like your moving to teksavvy, look forward to the new speeds coming the latest in November. This may or may not actually mean anything with respect to their product’s quality, but it’s a sign. Are they all the same? Definitely get one of the motorola ones, joohhong surfboard modems are -the- standard. What model do they have if you buy from them and what service are you actually getting from them? Rules No content behind paywalls. You want a docsis 3 modem go with sb This includes ‘What should I buy?


Spam and self promotion are not allowed. Pretty soon we’ll be getting high speeds on TekSavvy too, later in the year hopefully when they get their aggregated links up.

Makes me a little sad to think of it.