Use the following media on the HP DraftPro series plotters. I am working with XP Pro. Run away while you can. Can the pen force be adjusted on any of the HP DraftPro series plotters? This one tip will help you sleep better tonight A few seconds are all you need to get a better night’s rest.

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Additionally, verify that the white stripe on the platen is clean. The HP DraftPro series plotters do not have an adjustable force option.

The plotter will display the digitizing menu. Set the correct speed before starting to plot. Can anyone out there help me?

With this feature, you can create several groups of pens 1, 2, 4where each group should contain pens of the same thickness and color. For example, take the actual dimensions of the media and subtract both plotter margins and approximately 0. Make sure the pen is operational. Pens Out of Ink During Plotting.

Press the Enter key and the plotter will start the demo. This includes both the stripe and the white dots on either side. The front panel is a specially-designed tool to draftmasher working with the plotter.


Modify your browser’s settings to allow Javascript to execute. You experience draftmadter with AutoCAD when you select a standard media size through the software. Make sure the pen is in good operating condition and has a tip size of 0. Take care to accurately align the left pinch wheel with the left edge of the media.

The pen holder will move across the platen.

However, the improved electronics have allowed additions such as the curve-smoothing algorithm, which improve the quality of the curves. Rollerball pens require more force applied by the plotter to work correctly; more force than is required for use of the fiber-tip, refillable or disposable pens.

The following pen and media combinations are supported. How can you have more plottable area on the paper loaded on an HP DraftPro Plus plotter so drawings dx not clipped?

HP Draftmaster Plotter

The standard 1 MB memory cannot be expanded. This will require software that supports digitizing. Media jams with Sheets Over 48 Inches. Rotating a Drawing from the Front Panel.


C Draftmaster SX Pen Plotter | eBay

See your browser’s documentation for specific instructions. See your browser’s documentation for specific instructions. You are reporting the following post: Most software packages that support digitizing require that the plotter have a digitizing sight loaded. How do you change the power on the plotter if you want to take it to another country? Back to Speakeasy forum 5 total posts. The plotter is calibrated at the factory using E-size AO polyester film and a black drafting pen.

How draftmasetr Run the Demonstration Plot.

Since, your product seems drraftmaster be older, look at legacy side of support. The Digitize menu on the HP DraftPro Plus plotter is hidden until software initiates the digitizing process and puts the plotter in digitizing mode.