Expansion Slots 1 1 x Springboard Module. I’ve had my Platinum for about three months and the paint is wearing off on some edges, revealing a gray plastic case under it. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme 8. The module can then be removed and stored separately from your handheld. Their dimensions are 4.

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There are some refinements to the basic software applications, which come with the platinum. Screen is in good shape—no cracks. This is because the Palm OS has a graphical user interface that’s very intuitive and feels very familiar years of using Windows.

In normal viso, this means you can expect to refresh five AvantGo channels in about five minutes from the Web, whereas a serial-interfaced Palm will take around a quarter of an hour. This page was last updated: A powerful business laptop with a top-quality 4K screen.

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The trap for Prism users is more subtle: Please review our terms of service to complete your newsletter subscription. A solid 2-in-1 detachable with excellent connectivity.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme review: The highest OS upgrade is OS 3. Included in the box are Handspring Visor Deluxe with hard removable plastic cover.

Handspring Visor Platinum

This item is associated with the following MPN s: Inthe company merged with Palm, Inc. Very Fast PalmOS 3. Handspring Visor Refine Results. Fortunately, thanks to the SpringBoard “standard” most modules should work just fine, although again some modules’ software may need upgrading for PalmOS 3.

I’m glad to be away from OS 3. Get rid of deluxe! Also shop in Also shop in. I tem may show signs of wear, please let me know if I can provide more pictures.

Handspring Visor

Now, if they release a new vsor, the platinum can be clocked even higher than What does all this mean? PDA has been tested and works. Also, you may be able to upgrade a Delux from OS3.

Hanndspring module is very easy to use and highly recommend, especially if you are away from your desktop and collecting a lot of new data. However, at the time it was the thinnest and lightest Visor, sizing in at 4. Reading the newspapers on a pocket computer may be cool, but it means you keep the machine on instead of just flipping it into life to look up a phone number or enter an vispr.


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Prism’s power came from a rechargeable vvisor ion battery, rather than two AAA batteries like previous Visors. This model had a lower price, with which Handspring was hoping to attract new users. Insert the module into the springboard expansion slot and tap on the restore button that appears on your main screen.

It has the same size and weight as the Visor Deluxe.