My guess is this will make the largest difference. Be sure compression is set to lz4. I also wanted to test for issues with the disk controller. Step 3 — Determine which state. Although, you can find cheaper ones on ebay. Intel has power loss prevention??? Thanks in advance Hidde Loading

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We might need to wait till FreeNAS Not sure about power loss protection, latency or endurance on the I had a hard time finding this and thought for a long time it was my configuration that had a frenas of some sort preventing vimage to workso I am happy it helps other.

Windows 7 SP1 or newer.

Thank you very much for this informative tutorial! To answer your question Ben: Would this affect performance? My environment is used 24 hours a day. freemas

FreeBSD Based Guests in ESXi with VMXNET3? | [H]ard|Forum

I plan on connecting my laptop later directly to the FreeNas interfaces and give it an IP to see if it will work to try and rule out where bmxnet3 issue is. The only thing I miss on the server is one additional PCI slot for graphics, but heck it is still awesome. Has worked without a hitch on esxi from the get go. So, everything is working with VMware 6. Disabling sync on CIFs did the trick! I strongly suggest pulling all drives before flashing.


As mentioned already, we need to change the passthru setting vmxndt3 the backed up esx. I will need to access the NAS from the Did I miss a trick how to solve this issue. But how confident are you in knowing which drive fails? Hi, thanks For this Great Tutorial! Hi Ben, You may like to see my setup.

By the looks of the Freenas report, it seems as if used ARC Size is flushed ocassionaly and not the frequently. I have read many newbie guides on networking but it is still not clicking in my old, tired brain.

FreeNAS 9.10 on VMware ESXi 6.0 Guide

I am prohibited from simply ordering a new machine suited for this task, and I believe I have plenty of resources to share on the current server: Change your storage network to something like I have the following 2 VMswitches: Apologies for my response went in the middle of conversation rather at the end. This way, if a drive fails, and while you are replacing it, a second drive fails, you are still okay.


I fail to understand that. Hi, Ben — thanks for your suggestions. Glad you got it working Bimbatz. I am using ESXi Version 6.

I remembered at work we had to disable segmentation offloading because of a feeenas in the 10GB Intel drivers which had not been fixed by Intel as of Feb at leastand may be the same issue on the VMXNET3 driver. Or are you still having issues in spite of these corrections?

It seems like ARC buffer is filling up and is not being flushed in timely manner.

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