Model supported by the KX printer driver. Click OK, and Flowlink creates a site window. Getting Started – The Database The powerful database gives Flowlink the strength and flexibility needed to manage your flow monitoring program. Click OK to open the file. All product names are trademarks. Type the path and file name, or browse for the file by clicking the Select button.

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Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Today, Teledyne Isco manufactures a wide range of products for professionals working in water pollution monitoring and abatement, chemical compound and drug discovery, chemical reaction engineering, and geochemical engineering studies of oil and gas reservoirs. Select wireless when you are using Wireless Communication Modules. You can display simple graphs with a single mouse click, or conduct very sophisticated analyses of your data.

If not, double-click on a site in the workspace and it will appear. At least one database must be created in order for the folders to appear in the workspace. Flowlink is a powerful application that allows you to monitor instruments manufactured by Teledyne Isco. The Header refers to the first rows in the.

To make changes to an instrument s settings, you must first be connected. Flowlink also retrieves stored data from Series Samplers with Series Modules. Reproduction, adaptation, or translation without prior written. There are many ways to add data, but in this tutorial, we will discuss just two of them. For initial communications setup, you need to connect your computer directly physically to the instrument.


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Updating a Flowlink 5. When you purchase instruments from Teledyne ISCO, you not only receive innovative, high quality products, you also receive excellent customer service and product support.

Connection Settings Type – Select Direct when connecting to the instrument through an interrogator cable, communication cable, or short haul modem attached to your computer s serial port. Patriot Alarm Monitoring Automation Package is licensed for use on one computer, by the original person, or company, or organization whose name is registered with.

Flowlink calls the serial or USB port connection a direct connection. Schedules let you automatically retrieve data, print graphs and tables, import and export data, and run command-line drive programs such as macros from Excel. Flowlink opens the Quick Connect window. Order of Execution vii.

This document is for new and upgrade customers. You will learn how to collect data, manually enter data, More information.

Flowlink 5.1. Software Instruction Manual

Standard Features Drag and drop flowilnk onto graphs and tables Generate graphs with up to 4 panes, with ksb to 4 types of data in each pane Zoom into graphs Click and display values on graphs Edit data and instantly view your changes in both a graph and a table.


Resolution – The number of digits right of dlowlink decimal point as an indication of the number to be rounded. Please send any comments to: We may also seek to maintain this work as.

Ovation Operator Workstation for Microsoft Windows Operating System Features Delivers full multi-tasking operation Accesses up todynamic points Secure standard operating desktop environment Intuitive. If the site name is found, but the instrument ID does not match, Flowlink will generate a new name for the site and add it to the workspace. Please turn on JavaScript and try again.

Flowlink® Software

Archive data to a zipped file or a network drive, and back up your database to protect your data from computer glitches. Windows based PC or compatible Operating System: WebSphere Business Monitor V7. Danger This alerts you to things that may cause serious injury More information. Double-click the data set or click the Quick Graph button on the Flowlink toolbar.