Essentials Only Full Version. There is no problem to buy PCIe controler with sata 3 and useing it with your motherboard. How can I change my array from span to stripe? IDE Chanel 0 Master: Haven’t received registration validation E-mail?

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That could be a dealbreaker for you – not sure what your setup is.

i Raid 0 Setup – EVGA Forums

I don’t know nothing about RAID?? User Control Panel Log out. Forums Posts Latest Posts. I can’t figure out how to get the drive s accessible.

So I will have to wait until after I get the proper identical drives installed. And no, you cannot use a normal hdd wipe program nor use the windows defrag either or you will see performance trouble real fast.

I do not think you are looking at the concept correctly. As far reliable who knows, ssd drives have really only been around a short while but basically there a larger usb flash drive. When loaded it will ask you how you wish to set up the drives. No the the does not have sata 3, only sata 2. User Control Panel Log out.

I do make backups, but don’t wanna loose save games and other info I may forgot to backup. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail?


Also, be aware that you cannot get a refund on this drive – it’s replacement only at Newegg: I’ve tried turning off raid and reformatting each drive but as soon as raid is turned back on it once again shows rvga array as span.

What am I missing here? That’s really good news, cause I knew 2.

Sata III Raid Controller on 790i Ultra?

At the top of this web page, click Support – Product Manuals – then go to your manual. Personally, I would hate to burn that bridge.

Forums Posts Latest Posts. Forums Posts Latest Posts. Velociraptors are the best hdd on market, but never give 790u the same preformance like ssd quiet and acces to data beat standard hdd’s. Then TRIM command will be sent and work.

Let us know if things get running okay and maybe even do a review of that snappy new RAID card. Exit and press N to create a new array and select the proper array configuration. The intel ssd’s are very good drives but they seem to perform best on intel chipset mother boards ex.

I think it’s limited to a max of 3. I’m not sure if the issue of recovering data if one drive dies is the same as if it were RAID 0. Intel SSD retail version has it.


EVGA – EVGA nForce i Ultra SLI Motherboard – EVGA nForce i Ultra SLI Motherboard

Don’t want to mess with RAID yet. I seem to recall you need to go to the array in the 70i and choose how you want to set it up. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail?

What is a indilinx based drive???

Sata II speeds are fine. I have the Intel SSD on my i Ultra, make sure you get at least the SSD and not the 80GB as intel released a new firmware that give performance increase on the GB model it’s to do with the number of chip banks also intel have a new release of their utility which does the TRIM instead of evag which helps on the Nvidia chipset