A2DP requires two pairings for both hands-free calling and for streaming music. It had 2, now only 1. Long press power key. Points policy of this forum Post reply Last page. But fot some reason the sound on bluetooth mode pairning my device or hers it goes slower than the image. That was fixed by deleting setup on phone and on radio.

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On top of bluetooht popular technology, other hardware makers add other technology to continue lower the chance of interference from happening. My android g6 wont pair up with Subaru outback blue tube and phone.

Solutions for issues between your car Bluetooth system and Android device

The same is true for GPS functionality. The code is not and it cannot be changed as it is random every time. This is a common occurrence among car owners who uses Bluetooth technology constantly. I tried other music app like Joox, there’s no sound as well. Hegenderfer says he connects his smartphone to around a half dozen wireless gadgets regularly, without much of an issue.

This problem of not hearing the other person through the car speakers happened to me with my Motorola G4 and Vauxhall Vectra. FYI, the car audio system had a full reset done before these videos. Posts ZenCredit Points best answer 2.


My wife iPhone has never had a problem in the car — but I do not want an iPhone for many reasons. Hello, and many thanks in advance. My Asus zekl can’t even pair with the built-in bluetooth of my new car Zenfone 3 Bluetooth 4. You can connect to multiple Bluetooth devices simultaneously, with seven being the recommended maximum. But because Android is put onto a wide variety of smartphones, it can be difficult to get the updates to every compatible handset. While flaws with Bluetooth are typically discovered by developers, sometimes consumers raise red flags as well.

The box for entering the pin flash up for a split second and just disappeared.

When ASUS logo appears, press and hold volume down key till home screen appears 3. This is the first time. When I try to pair my phone with the car bluetooth, it says “can’t communicate with the car hands free”.

Bluetooth problem when connecting to Toyota car-ZEKL(ZenFone 5)

Hi Vchoudhary, Try enabling music player app from auto start manager and check. Frankly, the same situation is repeated whenever Apple releases a major iOS update for their csrbettween, which means that Bluetooth issues happen regardless of platform or device.


How to Exit Safe Mode? When it comes to resolving Bluetooth problems a shared responsibility between car manufacturers, operating system developers, and phone hardware makers must exist. Posts ZenCredit Points 0. Fast reply Top Return to list. Be sure to check with your vehicle support staff if your system supports all of the things you want. It’ll be better to help then.

Yes i have BTooth on. It will flash up the screen for typing in the pairing code for less than a second and disappear, giving me no chance to enter the code.

First was that the radio continually asked to be paired with the phone and then it would ask again 10 seconds later. csrbetwee

How To Fix Your Broken Bluetooth Connection

Please kindly change default Bluetooth code to “” and repair it again. I am able to access the last number dialled, etc, but when I press Call nothing happens. The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now.