I have used rockbottom golf several times and had no issues with the products I received. That led to a significant improvement in distance. If he can’t provide any form of proof and Callaway can’t validate the serial number I’d stay away. My friend bring this club to the Golfsmith for trade in. I consider these to be authentic. I called both Taylormade and Callaway to confirm.

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Why worry about their pricing? Website set up in Oct and prices appear to be too good to be true. Pull Cart and Trolleys Electric Trolleys.

Callaway RAZR FIT Driver Editor Review

EMS is a service that only china have and use……. I finally got half my money back and kept the club. I checked with this club and it seem not real original to me, because the swingweight is off the scale on each iron.

The carry was at least 10 more yards. I told them that my wife found out I ordered these and she is pissed. Seller will not agree to pay for returns.

2012 Callaway RAZR FIT Driver and Fairway Metal In-hand Pics!

Those other sites just seem far too dodgy. The perfect name for suckers like yourself who type into their google search engine the word golf followed by such words as discount, warehouse, sale, rockbottom, cheap, super cheap, unbelieveably cheap, really unbelieveably cheap, really really unbelievably cheap.


Their website suggests they will charge for a restocking fee.

The other is a cheap imitation which hits the ball considerably less distance. So, technically, they are not lying. Now, the F2 cubic centimeters is the larger, higher-launching and more forgiving model, while the F3 cubic centimeters is smaller, deeper and more workable. That may happen for some of the lesser brands of clubs but I am sure the more ethical manufacturers — such as Titleist or Ping — would not allow coujterfeit of the sort.

Callaway Razr Fit Driver | 2nd Swing Golf

Still experimenting with the weights to find out what is right for me. The ballspeed is nearly equal to the FT9-TA, the forgiveness is superior and right now all I need to do is bring down my spin and landing angle degree which I think I will be able to do with some shaft tweaks.

The appearance and quality is as the same as the authentic one, except no authority and the quality assurance of the brandcompany.

The only thing you should be doing with it is adding it to your banned website filter. Plenty of different clubs get a mention, and some of our older members also offer their advice on how to solve the issue of decreasing length.

Does anyone have any info on the sites buycheapgolf. Your comments are ill-founded and clearly unqualified.

I ordered the Taylormade R9TP irons and was contacted within a few hours by my CC company asking countdrfeit I had purchased flt electronic equipment from Toyontech. Iron sets must contain a minimum of five 5 consecutive clubs with matching shafts, including a Pitching Wedge. Well, maybe … the distance IS pretty awesome.


It provided the stiffness he needed for straighter drives, but offered a smoother feel Note: Does this mean the clubs are bogus???? Could a fake still perform like this in your opinion? The image of the head of the 5 iron that RBG shows on their website for this club is turned at a different angle compared to all of the other websites and their pictures of the same club.

As mentioned earlier this is a big weakness in my overall game. The best hits on the simulator showed the M2 as the longer of the two, and that showed up on the course as well, especially off the tee. Improvements generally come in the form of improved head shaping, a better feel, or enhanced founterfeit. Package broken when received?

The answers will be no, no and no. I have received literally thousands of items counterfeut RBG and have absolutely no doubt they are legitimate and reliable. It should absolutely be on a list of fairway woods for any player to check out.