And as a journalist who, over the years, has watched with dismay an increasing trend for companies to a hide behind PR reps to suppress facts and deliver their own spin rather than speaking directly with journos and b prohibit staff from speaking with the press because they won’t be primed to deliver the doctored company line, Prior assistance may affect future eligibility. And it dismays me that journalists have concluded that companies doing this therefore have something to hide. You trying to bait me, brother? Stats for nerds Gen time: Sorry for the delay, as we are behind over here

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trrainee If conneex like your news to be delivered via public relations companies, then good on you, mate. Come second Interview with the managers of my group of lines all things were rosey till I had a brain explosion and started saying silly things. May 25, Last Visited: Cafe Connex is a social enterprise and training cafe that has been created by UnitingCare Wesley Country SA with initial funding from the Jobs Fund to create trainfe supportive space for people with barriers to obtain experience in the work force as a step towards mainstream employment.

K Minister for Railways. Quick Reply We’ve disabled Quick Reply for this thread as it was last updated more than six months ago. How come if you wish to learn about the training process, have you not contacted Connex directly?

You have to be 21 to do your first driving turn, but can do all the training and start before xonnex, just not drive on your own until Do you ever encounter troubles on the trains after matches when Milwall and Palace play home games? Her mother has been most grateful for the opportunities Domanie has been given and is very happy that, despite her barriers, she is able to engage in employment. All I can say is you guys should apply over here in the UK as they are desperate for drivers in London and the South-East.


Case studies

It would be hillarious. The Connex job conned placed by them for them. Bet PICO didn’t take that into consideration. Wow, you’ve got us to a tee. Reel co-operative, in fact.

Connex Trainee Drivers

Well, it’s always the best way of getting the truth. Selhurst station primarily serves the Palace home games as it it is on the Brighton Main line opposed to the Palace station which still sees a few fans there but the special trains are put on at Selhurst. I recon that I am too old 43 and also been out since may have something to do with it. She is now with Virgin Blue as an attendant. Hope everyone had a good christmas and have a happy and save new year!!!! Back home in Frankston.

It’d be a nice change. Maybe that’s why I’ve never seen a newspaper article on a subject which I know without an error in it – just something small like not knowing the difference between a Sea Tgainee helicopter and a Seahawk.

How they can make assumptions and choose suitable candidates based on that on-line ‘quiz’ is beyond me. Jan 12, Last Visited: Mate connnex while also this is not a personal beatup – I wouldn’t trust a journo as far as I could throw them. As a result of this, the hard evidence can be observed as trainees grow as people and as workers.


A Case for Social Enterprise: CafĂ© Connex – Wyatt

I got the same reply and it seems strange how from a few questions they can ascertain who is suitable. And it dismays me that journalists have concluded that companies doing this therefore have something to hide.

So far no trainees have contacted me, and maybe it’s because they’re all too busy or think there’s nothing much they could say anyway.

My guess is that since Melbourne train passengers have already been told that the majority of train cancellations are due to a driver shortage and that drivers are emerging from the training programme so slowly because it’s such a lengthy process to train them, they might just be interested in what trainees are learning during their 17 or 18 months.

In the next few years, there will be a LOT of positions freed up from the baby boomers. Aug 23, Last Visited: To go behind managements back, can only mean that you are muck racking, and trying to find dirt on the training process.