I have a 6-ounce IIIe and it is light. It flips open and locks into an open resting position of roughly degrees. Instead, I used the SJ33 intermittently while an application kept track of how much time it was on. Exactly what you just said. I’d say these two devices match up accordingly. Bypassing passcodes, malware-laden apps, and inherent design flaws exposing almost all known mobile devices made up part of the security problems found in iOS and Android.

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The screen looks like it, but Im not entirely sure. Maybe with Palm OS6, this will make more sense. Remember, the SJ33 comes with a flip cover, which adds a few tenths of an inch to its thickness.


The front case is a painted a metallic silver, while the back is gloss black which has the unfortunate side effect of picking up fingerprints and smudges with ease. It did get heavier though weighing in at 6. Should really be a straight forward job.

They both have some pretty good features and their drawbacks. I’m going to have to check a SJ33 out at the store.


Of course, the SJ33 includes the standard Palm OS applications, like an address book, a scheduler, a to-do-list, and more. Tab inserts a tab.


The SJ33 sports a nice upgrade under the hood over the SJ The JogDial and Back buttons are on the left side of the device and are positioned well for comfortable one-handed use. In fact, Sony claims you can get 17 days out of the SJ33 if used for 30 minutes per day without backlight. Check out some of our top picks. It should be available in stores in a few weeks. The screen area is consistently backlit without any shadows or bright spots.

Below these lies a dual-purpose switch: There is plenty of software although many seem redicul ously overpriced considering the type of device. In the end I think the flip cover is a great compromise cclie size versus protection that sj333 users will appreciate.

Sn33 games is even more fun on the high-resolution colour screen. Account Cpie Log in user: However, I must say, this “First Impression” is a well done quick review.

Go into the software and bring down the menu to “About Audio Player” I checked, and it it also skinable.

To enter contacts with the keyboard on the NX70, you must tap the screen to move between fields. When powered on, the light is a bright green. If you think 6. I’m desperate for color though.

Sony CLIE PEG-SJ33 | ZDNet

Left Side The left side of the SJ33 holds a number of features including the new power slider which is new to the SJ series. Now that I have NX70V, the audio player doesn’t have the visual effects.


I also threw in my opinion.

Here you are talking about the address book, but neglect to mention that you can change the name of the fields. The tungsten and other OS5 models now display higher resolution icons, and the os 5 clies stillhave the option to display the small grid.

Whatever Sony does, Sony does. The SJ33 ships with Kinoma player and a few demo videos. Given the limited success of the Newton MessagePad, et. It sports a sleek new exterior design with an integrated translucent flip cover, MP3 audio and a larger capacity rechargeable battery. Okay this is boring me because there’s so many things and I’m not even halfway down the article, but if you want to talk about doing a workaround on the PPC like draging the stylus from one time box to another, also talk about the clis on the Palm.