It’s old enough that I think it doesn’t work on Vista or later. Shop by Broadcast Formats Supported. The tuner cards with this ‘hardware encoding’ are generally thought of as being higher quality. Select the “support tab” then go to PVR Guaranteed 3 day delivery. How can a free program working in windows 7 be superior to a dedicated, integrated, core program like Windows Media Centre? The reason for requiring a hardware MEPG encoder:

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The link above will download a driver for “wintv” compatible boards.

Even more you can select the video and audio compression codec adjust the file size to suit your needs. Our technicians perform one-on-one inspections with each of our computers individually. In windows Vista everything is fine, but not in tv-caard. When installing the drivers windows 7 will tell you that the driver is not certified. Shop by Card Functionality. Broadcast Formats Supported see all. Click on continue anyway.

Incoming image is digitized using high quality video sampling and displayed in a window on the PC’s VGA screen. That makes at least three programs in all that are better than windows media centre with old hardware! By marking a post as Answered, or Helpful you help others find the answer faster. Sunday, February 15, 7: Windows 7 Hardware Compatibility. This setup worked flawlessy in XP Shop by Broadcast Formats Supported.


As many regions around the world convert from analog to digital broadcasts, these tuners are gaining popularity. However, while it is generally possible to flash a card from one analog format to another due to the similarities, it is generally not possible to flash a card from one digital format to another due to differences in decode logic necessary.

Board was pulled from working system. Guaranteed 3 day delivery. It works partially with DScaler, but not at all with the win7 player. Most, but not all, video capture cards also support one or more channels of audio. It’s not necessarily that DScaler is “superior”, it’s that it doesn’t have as stringent requirements that MC has.

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Show only see all. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. It’s old enough that I think it doesn’t work on Vista or later. Maybe it can still be done before the full release. The specific hardware manufacturer writes the drivers, MS just usually, but not always redistributes them.


Analog television cards output a raw video stream, suitable for real-time viewing but ideally requiring some sort of video compression if it is to be recorded. Thanks again for your input. The advantages over two separate cards are cost and utilization of expansion slots in the computer.

I just installed win7 a few days ago. All Auction Buy It Now.

TV tuner card – Wikipedia

The card contains a tuner and an analog-to-digital converter collectively known as the analog front end along with demodulation and interface logic. These cards typically bt8848 one or more software drivers to expose the cards’ features, via various operating systemsto software applications that further process the video for specific purposes.

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The cards may have significantly different designs to optimally support each of these functions.