Our testers found that these apps often improve the sound—though not always. Wireless Activation Axon Signal reports events, like when you open the car door or activate the light bar, so your camera can start recording. Recording evidence is just the beginning. That’s the way we set up speakers for optimum sound in our dedicated listening room. Once you’ve set up that triangle, measure the distance from each speaker to the side wall and adjust until it’s the same for each speaker. Fill out the form to contact our sales team, or view our purchasing plans to learn more.

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Captures point-of-view video evidence with unlimited HD and a degree field of view.

We use a dedicated listening room and specialized electronic gear to make sure every speaker we test sounds its best, but some of the things our testers do can translate easily to your home. The placement of windows, doors, and furniture can conspire against perfect sound.

We respect your privacy. You’ll want to experiment with moving bluetootn speakers closer together and farther apart. A room’s furnishings also affect its sonics.

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Welcome to Consumer Reports. The next step in fine-tuning is to run the equalization app bletooth your speaker maker provides one. You can hear a room’s characteristics for yourself by simply clapping sharply one time, and then listening.


The ideal place to set up wireless speakers is somewhere in between. Because they mitigate this problem, rooms with, say, sloping ceilings or L-shaped alcoves often make better listening spaces.

How to Set Up Wireless Speakers for the Best Sound – Consumer Reports

Finally, use the bass or treble settings to fine-tune the sound, working in small increments from that flat setting you’ve been using all along. Full-Shift Battery Record for more than 12 hours.

Axon Fleet Connects an in-car video system to ason, cloud, and wearable technologies. When they are too close together, all of the sound gets jumbled in the space between the two speakers. Mobile App Connect with Axon View to stream, tag, and replay videos from your phone. While many speakers are called “bookshelf” models by manufacturers, putting a speaker between Jane Acsln and Margaret Atwood tends to be less than ideal, especially if it’s a speaker that radiates sound in multiple directions, not just forward.

All email addresses you provide will be used just for sending this story. Sound bounces off blurtooth objects, and your music may sound clearer and the stereo image more like the musicians intended if you pull the speakers away from walls and large pieces of furniture.

If you like the sound, you’re golden. Start with both speakers parallel to the back wall. The app tries to determine your room’s acoustic character, and then makes tone adjustments bluetootj compensate. Unmatched Durability Handle in extreme weather and brutal conditions.

Rubian,E Comforts,Acson

See All Ratings Load More. This single-unit, on-officer camera features unlimited HD video and industry-leading security enhancements. That’s the way we set up speakers for optimum sound in our dedicated listening room.


When you need to stay focused, count on Axon Body 2 to record the situation at hand. Placement and tweaks to settings can bluftooth optimize performance. Optional Mute Disable audio to support dual-party consent. Invite your friends over to share your favorite music with awesome sound. Fine-Tuning With Tunes Most wireless speakers have some sort of tone settings.

Our testers found that these apps often improve the sound—though not always.

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If it’s boomy, move them away from the walls. For me, there’s no better way to spend a day than talking to a bunch of experts about an important subject and then writing a story that’ll help others be smarter aczon better informed.

Single-unit, on-officer camera featuring unlimited HD video and security enhancements. Unlimited HD and unparalleled confidence in the field Recording evidence is just the beginning – capture and stream video with complete integration in our suite of mobile and cloud applications.

Acsoj gradually “toe in” each speaker equally so that they come closer to facing you.