Unfortunately, Rockwell chipsets are not the power-choice of chipset though — other chipsets featured special extra-features which allow for better line diagnostics which could be useful. Boring and regular … Anyhow, the Banksia brand disappeared, it was bought out by Netcomm if memory serves me right. Today, we examine some of my modem collection — those of the two Banksia modems. Yes, my password is: Or Check the PPP log file. S , Nov 8,

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Aug 6, Messages: Apr 12, Messages: Later on, when Click for more about me!

Tech Flashback: Banskia Technology Modems

Indeed, it should have been V. Dot-Matrix Printer Ribbon Cartridge.

I’ve got it to dial, and make some connecting noises, but the net doesn’t work with any programs and it disconnects after around 5 – 10 seconds. AFAIk all external serial modems are hardware modems. Yes, my password is: Jun 27, Messages: Cheers, its my girl friends computer so Banksiq give it a shot next time I’m at her house.


Thats the only reason ican think that it would drop you Try connecting manually with PPP and look at the errors. Dec 26, Messages: December 9, at 9: And from behind, we can see again, a Rockwell chipset. Proudly powered by WordPress. Is it a DNS issue? In the meantime, if you need some dose of dialup sounds — visit my old legacy site.

NetComm company and contact information

I loved that damn modem, but it died on me. After much digging around, I found ye olde trust modem string list from my days modm tech support. My last suggestion is a modem init string, to ‘optimise’ your modems connecting power I’ll try and dig one up for you. Your name or email address: The bottom label gives all the details as usual, but the strange shape is very space-saving!

I used to own one of those suckers!

Hey, just thought I’d let people know I got it working The Ubuntu install didn’t have minicom on it, so I set up a connection using pppconfig, and then dialed using pppd call provider and it worked fine. Assuming ubuntu has the standard ppp packages installed, you could also try using the cli tools to configure the modem, I believe the command is pppconfig.


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Banskia Technology Modems Gus says: Jun 26, Messages: Did you have the modem working until recently under another OS? Log in bansia Sign up. Share This Page Tweet.

This was great news, as it utilized a relatively standardized AT command set which was very compatible with the original Hayes command set. Thanks for the help. Boring and regular … Anyhow, the Banksia brand disappeared, it was bought out by Netcomm if memory serves me right. Two for Banksia Wave