I have the same problem. It could be your receiver. I own this card http: So I know already that I have to download something for this but I see a lot of different drivers on the net for it. Necrofire New Member Nov 26, I got sound but it only was 2-channel.

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But I ve installed the Realtek driver twice now and I m sure that I then only get 2-ch. Gzero New Member Nov 26, Necrofire New Member Dec 1, It could be your receiver. WebslingerFeb 16, Or do I only need the 9. I just had this problem qti days ago. When i used an adapter I got from aI got the screen working, but there’s no option to switch to the hdmi audio.

I was getting the same pop up in Vista CrimandEvilFeb 7, Again my monitor shows a very short ‘flicker’ and the HDA audio device return. Low Pro and most are passive cooling.


HD4350 No HDMI Audio

If these come in AGP, I’ll surely buy a few, they are absolutely excellent cards for an incredibly low price. I use XP with SP3. NotSoSimpleFeb 6, I tried the newer 2. First of all excuseme about my english, maybe it isn’t good enought.

Your name hd,i email address: Turn on your projector. I raddon this card http: I ve checked the soundproperties in windows and it it still on ‘5. Sites like this can whine about what it isn’t, but what is it will sell extremely well.

I have installed the latest display driver. After purchasing an adapter from ebay, my brother discovered the adapter that came with hisand it worked fine.

Now the I have has worked perfectly though, qti go figure. Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands Ratings: Thread starter Necrofire Start date Nov 26, Everytime I plug the hdmi cable into the adapter, this pops up.

EvilAlchemistFeb 6, Haha yeah already tried it. I am not sure if on the you have has a hdmi per input source on your receiver but mine only has two.


Audio over HDMI on ATI , how to set it up [Archive] – Doom9’s Forum

This card should have audio support over HDMI. Snowknight26Feb 6, Log in Don’t have an account?

From an everything “off” state, do the following: