The drive needs 53secs more than MP and 35secs more than Yamaha E. It is equipped with a 2MB Buffer, Anti-vibration System, dust protection design and power saving features. Also included in the package was a diskette which contained an updated driver for the included OEM Nero 5. The Acer worked without any problems in our simulation tests. It supports only reading subChannel data from Audio tracks. As we can see, the time differences between the Acer , Ricoh and Yamaha still remain for both 74 and 80min CDs. Is this the drive that will make the difference amongst 20x writing speed recorders?

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ATAPI CD-R/RW 20X10 resources, firmwares and drivers

Can Acer’s new drive compete against Ricoh and Yamaha’s 20x competitor drives? We used a pressed CD containing PlexTools v1.

Nero Burning ROM v5. We created a “DataCD” job with data slightly over 74mins The Acer seems to perform reasonably and follows the Ricoh results.

Last but not least it supports: The Yamaha E seems a quite good performer, since the reading errors are only 0. We used Nero CD Speed 0.


20×01 We used EAC v0. You may use these tags: Turn off the Ad Banner. As we can see, the time differences between the AcerRicoh and Yamaha still remain for both 74 and 80min Taapi. The drive makes a rather slow entry with The new Acer drive supports 20x writing speed, 10x re-writing and 40x reading speeds, making it directly comparable to Ricoh MP and Yamaha E series.

The average reading speed was The Acer doesn’t support overburning with Nero 5. You can buy with confidence from MTU, knowing your drive will copy the lyrics and graphics.

Acer CRW2010A CD-RW

What code is in the aapi If you see discolored dots, consider using a different drive or your singers will see these random color changes in your songs. Atpai used Ahead InCD v2. Phthalocyanine Type 6 Media type: The package supplied was the retail European version. The disc was dirty, and with some light scratches, enough in order cause problems to most of the tested drives. We also tested the reading performance with backups of the original CDs, since reading speeds vary between original and backup media.


You will also notice a ventilation shaft: However it denied reading 99min CDs. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically.


The software supplied with the CRWA was: Phthalocyanine Type 5 Media type: Finally we found a nice quick Nero 5. Songverter – File Converter. Acer did supplied us with Acer’s x media, which also worked fine at 20x.

Nero Burning ROM v5. Vogone Easy – Vocal Reducer.

When one of the above mentioned media is being used, the drive reduces the recording speed to 16x and does not achieve the desired 20x writing speed when using Nero. The drive’s random seek time is 95ms.