I’ve been playing back bit FLAC files all this time without realizing that the oss emulation feature is downsampling to bit! Your options remain to either accept the unstable version probably not very wise for the kernel , or just do as I did and copy the folder out of 2. Each bit represents 6db. As for device support, 2. ALC sounds okay, but it sounds flat and something always feels missing to me.

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Replace card 0 include the space with whatever number your sound card is. Mon Nov 09, Both the mic and headphones have their signals separated and protected from each other under the hood, so there should be no crossover whatsoever. Note the leftmost 3.

The real gain of the headphone amp is 12db or a gain factor of 4X over the 0db gain level of the line out. As with most new, unbroken audio gear, I expected the highs to be a bit brash but was surprised to find that wasn’t the case.

Asus Xonar STX/ST and headphones: A basic guide

This is incredibly annoying. Mar 19, at Second, I was not surprisingly unable to compile kernel-modules required to support my video card and virtual machine zsus tools against 2.


Sure, we can perform audio tests and show graphs, but the final decision ilnux by how well it sounds and how well it plays with Linux. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Xoonar means that the Xonar is named card0. If software exists that performs the equivalent of what is available on Windows, then I have yet to locate it. First, there is the obvious audio output or lack ofand second is an indicator light on the front of the device that indicates the incoming signal bitrate, supporting 32, Mon Nov 09, 8: It didn’t work after the kernel upgrade because I didn’t recompile with the script, I just tried to install it.

I did what you said, but still no sound. Mar 18, at 6: Mar 11, at 3: August 28th, 3. You can follow any responses to this entry through RSS 2. In the AV tab, set the Master volume to max. Do you already have an account? Your existing onboard audio should be enough.

It seems like it’s almost certainly a device contention issue; the sound doesn’t cut out on me while in the middle of a song or movie, and it always seems to work after a clean boot even after the computer’s been on for a while. Mar 14, at 3: Sat Nov 07, 1: Mon Apr 19, Those with better audio equipment will hear it, but those with lesser, El-Cheapo audio gear will wonder what the fuss is about.


Note that this script will ONLY work on a non-customized kernel. Yes, Isolationism, that was more or less what I found as well with the 2. After a reboot, I now have full control over the Xonar ST and analogue outputs work.

Using the ASUS Xonar Essence STX Under Linux – Techgage

Bumped the mouse cursor? The Xonar DX is essentially playing a bit, 48kHz file.

The answer for both depends. The Xonar DX requires external power from a floppy connector. Post 34 of