This step is not required if the network is unsecured or uses browser-based authentication. Skip to main content. If D-drive doesn’t exist in your laptop then change the letter d to c. Report Respond to CarlM5. Kiaran – Sep 12, at

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No internet access” even though the wifi symbol has excellent signal connection. Report Respond to Paulglasgow.

Replacement Battery For Acer Aspire 5583Nwxmi 5583Wxmi 5584Wxmi

If you don’t see your network, press the 5583nwxmi icon at the top of the pop-up, or disable and re-enable the adapter. My conclusion rather, my guess out of these different results is that this has got something to do with the technology of the router that is being used. Report Respond 5583mwxmi jack4rall. Like most laptops, the Acer Aspire gives you the option to disable and enable this adapter to concern battery power when wireless connectivity is not needed.

Type the Wi-Fi security passphrase and press “Enter” to connect to the network. Click your wireless network, and then “Connect. Also, when I first tried restarting my laptop the internet worked.

Acer Aspire NWXMi Notebook PC

I would like to add that, when I took the laptop to another setting, the problem of connecting to the wifi was back. A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated. Skip to main content.


Just saw this and now am connected!!!!! Really thanks for the help. Aspire One Series Quick Guide. Inukshuk – Mar 4, at Whenever I try to connect to our home wifi, it always says “Unidentified Network.

I have been having problems recently with my Acer Aspire E Thank you so much I spent a day trying to get my new acer to connect to wifi convinced I was doing something wrong and I was just about to give up and take it back to the shop when I found your post it worked perfectly thank you so much – how do you figure these things out??

Report Respond to Yosra.

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Do you have any other laptop connected to the WiFi? Add comment users have said thank you to us this month. Biabea – Jun 15, at I am contemplating on bringing my laptop to the store since it is still under warranty but I can’t because I need my laptop for school. However, I do remember after troubleshooting the wifi that a message popped up and it said that the “Wi-Fi doesn’t have a valid IP configuration”. This time, I did the same, but set the value back to 12 and it worked.


However, unlike most laptops, the Acer Aspire uses a physical button or switch to toggle the adapter on or off. In the latter case, the authentication instructions appear whenever you first open your browser and attempt to access a Web page. Since my sister brought my laptop to a friend’s house, my laptop won’t connect to our home wifi.

Yosra May 22, at I am very very frustrated already. Say “Thank you” 37 A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

I am just connecting my phone to my laptop and am using USB tethering to connect to the internet since all our other laptops and phones can connect to the wifi.

How to Connect an Acer Aspire to Wi-Fi

More recent technology seems to work with higher wireless mode values. This step is not required if the network is unsecured 5583nwx,i uses browser-based authentication.

Accessed 28 December Excellent tip,many thanks much appreciated, Tamara.