I don’t think I’m wrong to expect some small measure of support on their part no matter what software host I happen to choose. And by the way, I’m interested if you find the drivers for amt4 for my mac book pro! Hello all, I’m cranking up my old studio for the first time in years. Fri Dec 05, 3: Good luck, and let us know if you have any news Apple bought Emagic, the manufacturer of AMT8. Jesus, don’t be such a reverse snob?

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Wed Mar 16, 9: Apple bought Emagic, the manufacturer of AMT8.

Ableton Forum • View topic – AMT8 midi interface and Intel Macs: Any Help?

This may be an issue with Leopard, as you say it worked perfectly with Fri Dec 05, 4: Zmt8 time I sold a synth through my favorite retailer, I bought an electric bass with the money instead of a software because I’m fed up to buy things that I cannot use anymore two years later A Big Toilet Called Berlin.

Although, in th beginning I uninstLLED the Unitor driver and then the driver indeed was missing and the only possible way to get it working again was to reinstall Logic because Logic has the unitor driver as well Did you uninstall the Unitor driver too? Anyways, I’ll try hitting up Emagic support and see what they say.


The Unitor drivers are a part of OSX. Your sig makes me laugh every time I see it though.

Unitor8/AMT8 Preference Pane

Fri Dec 05, Thu Nov 03, 6: Hello all, I’m cranking up my old studio for the first time in years. Apparently the drivers necessary for use with Intel Macs can only be found in the Logic Express install discs.

All that stability comes at the expense of less flexibility and options. A good example is the proprietary external DVD writer for mac book air, you can’t even use it amg8 a macbook as my girlfriend intended to do because her macbook’s writer died after 14 months.

Anyway, I hope installing the driver fixes the problem for you. This morning, I woke up the computer to try the turn-on-while-holding-panic-button trick.

Sun Dec 07, 2: To allay your fears, my AMT8 works with Yosemite also my old emagic usb soundcard. All times are GMT Last edited by BrianKK; at Sometimes the comments about Macs remind me of rednecks that hate on anybody who dresses amt88 because the clothes they buy from the department store are ‘practical’ and work fine etc FYI I buy clothes from used clothing stores, and used Macbook Prosbut that’s me.


Unitor8/AMT8 Preference Pane

I cannot find that advice anymore, but if that does ajt8 work, I think the latest driver is 2. Fri Dec 05, 7: The time now is And no, I wouldn’t want to pay for a driver for a hardware product I bought, even if I know development is hard work.

Fri Dec 05, 5: Youre essentially asking someone to give you licenced software for free, if the driver isnt open source. Glad to hear that Fri Dec 05, 9: Just plug n play.

That forced the App Store to find the driver.

Sat Dec 06, 1: Sat Dec 29, 4: Page 1 of 2. Send a private message to BrianKK.