What good is offering RAID in all of your south bridges when it barely works? SSDs are crazy cheap enough now to make it worth it imo. Joined Apr 27, Messages 0. Poisonsnak New Member Aug 7, Please check out our forum guidelines for info related to our community. For what it’s worth, RAIDXpert was sort of easy to use, but the browser-based interface and “login” screen reeked of a kludge slapped together by people who didn’t care.

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No registered users and 0 guests. The only issue I see is in benchmarks, of course as long as I stick with the stock drivers. Sat Ahi 23, 7: Merry Christmas from The Tech Report staff! Or, to paraphrase Zapp Brannigan from Futurama, “The hardware is willing, but the drivers are weak”. When I disconnect from the network the game runs fast again.

Now I’m really baffled. That’s pretty much how AMD lost my business as a user.

But the platform you offer me is still missing basic functionality other vendors ad. I posted a longish comment that seems still to be awaiting moderation. In fact, on my blog I can write just about anything. Fri Apr 22, 2: You have to manually install the driver in device manager.


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Microsoft have program Microsoft Fix it Joined Sep 20, Messages 0. Fri Apr 22, 9: In AHCI mode with the MS driver the drive scored strangely poorly on the random tests – the benchmark took about 5 minutes to complete instead of the normal 5 or 10 seconds and as you can see the scale is all screwed up thanks to somems response times. Customize The Tech Report I have no idea why games and hard disk performance is so slow. For some reason my fresh Windows 7 64 installation on my new SSD, works fine with AHCI enabled and all, but will not properly connect my maxtor sata hdd drive.

Windows Updates – Slowdowns occur even if I didn’t update Windows at all. Google search will help you find them.

I’ll amr again after the reformat. Meadows Grand Gerbil Poohbah. The reference Microsoft drivers do a fine job, you’re just play with fire at that point.

Enabling AHCI on Windows 7 systems with AMD

Intel’s RAID BIOS is extremely easy to use, and everything registers perfectly fine through the entire Windows setup and in Windows itself without the need for separate driver installations. Fri Apr 22, 8: Yeah, it could be some sort of malware on the network; or a network configuration issue of some sort; or it could even be that the game itself is doing something strange when it sees the network connection.


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I built an Intel machine based around everyone’s favorite sweet-spot processor at the time, the Core 2 Duo E Sat Apr 23, 3: The drivers seem to be better, but without the newer southbridge the difference is negligible at best. Thing is, I didn’t install anything new My I sbb750 my friend laptop with DVD not detecting issue.

So I did the reformat, and now my system is ok again.