Any idea how old the firmware on your router is? It works, but I need the drivers. I’ve been pinging my router consistently since yesterday. CNET’s Forum on Apple’s laptop computers is the best source for finding help, troubleshooting, or tips from a community of experts. Once it drops it sometimes will simply not reconnect. I thought the problem was my router, though, since it has been acting strange lately shutting wireless off completely for no visible reason , but after reading your post, I’m not so sure.

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Also, power management of the wifi card should be disabled. Background- Network works fine, router works fine, connections is perfect when running Mac OS. Broadcoms are notorious for having an issue with other thasn this recommended settings in certain cases, maily wirport Linux but other OSes can be affected as well.

It also seems they haven’t come up with an update for the driver in almost two years. I spent hours trying to get this dual booting to extrmee last night.

Current or former Apple employees who have a certain level of certifications are given this title. I used this random lonovo driver found here https: People come here for help, so please don’t shove them right back out the door. User profile for user: I am running a Nov. You are exgreme the following post: Also, installing with the fresh Windows10 ISO didn’t change anything, Boot Camp still installed the same drivers it had before and the wifi is still behaving the same way.



I’m not sure why that would affect anything though, as it seems people with all sorts of versions have been having this same issue. The signal is excellent with the Linksys wireless N router less than 10 ft.

Welcome extrsme Reddit, the front page of the internet. Don’t know if you still have this problem but I had this issue and after months I finally found a fix that worked for me. I’ve got a new MB Pro and am about ready to return it or throw it away. Everyone seems to zone in to the Broadcom Again, I can’t seem to find any rhyme or reason as to what’s causing this variability in connection.

In the Device Manager Uncheck the setting “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” in the following locations:.

Sign up using Email and Password. Jun 18, Please make sure to include the following: The WiFi is as quick under either OS. Do you have a second Mac? Advertisements or commercial links. Leandro Gil-Silva 3 1 3. I was looking on my desktop akrport does not have a 1.00 card, therefore, no wonder it does not have this folder. Everyone I’ve read about had either the same version as I have, or the previous one I rolled back to.


Possibly helpful as well. New information- Something that seems to have helped, but did not fix the problem was unchecking “Allow computer to turn off this device to save power”.

Broadcom BCM43xx () win7 driver | MacRumors Forums

I Found it by checking out which driver my GF was using on her older MBP on windows 10, and this one was very similar. It’s almost as if either the router or the laptop is turning N off and then back on for some reason. Channel width greater than 40 mHz also causes issues. Also update the drivers if available.

Any advice would be appreciated.