I went to the CD and did the “install all” method for driver installation. Has of now the problem seems a lot better then before, who to blame both Intel and ASUS, there’s just one little thing in the Even Viewer with ACPI Warning about some driver, sad thing it’s installed even read the same problem on their forums and it still pops up ever now and then. I am seeing the exact same errors coming up in my system logs too. You should check with your computer manufacturer for an upgraded BIOS. If the driver direct from Asus works fine, which apparently you don’t need except for AI Suite, then you really are messing with nothing anyway unless you use AI Suite. Does anyone really know if they will ever make a new driver? On behalf of a group of Maximus VII motherboard users.

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The properties of this Unknown Device I’ve re-listed below. It’s working and found almost all the hardware except one: I’m having all kinda of issues Right click setup, go properties run as vista sp3 and check run as admin This is really annoying. I haven’t found anything that can get rid of it. Thanks a lot in advance. Ran Windows Update and they all installed. Only AI wcpi works fine with the cpu voltages. The motherboard is faulty?


Installed latest BIOS and still no luck.

OS Windows 7 64Bit More to the point, I have an unidentified device and have collected all the characteristics of it as follows in the hopes someone could help me instll a professional opinion; the device hardware profile reads as follows: I’ve just read here and other places that those warnings are nothing to be worried about. I think I’m having a similar issue.

Really could use your opinion on this Started by smakOboster 10 Again I do not understand all of the differences but I do know that my uefi install of windows 8. I did redirect something to the taskbar which means most stuff is available from a taskbar popup.

Errors in Event Log do not mean that there are problems. How to get rid of the error? Restarted the computer and reinstalled them on top of the same ones theres over writing them and giving me back my mouse.

Install it, update that driver and your pop up should go away. Sign in to vote. All of my other computers boot about 3 times faster and cannot enter the BIOS unless told to do so through Win 8. In how many forum sections did you post this same question? My PC runs smoothly without any issues. If you can’t get to Safe Mode, then you’ll have to resort to offline editing of the registry to disable Driver Verifier.


I do wish it gets corrected though.

ACPI Driver help – Windows 7 Help Forums

If still, if possible, please back up the datas and reinstall a clean OS for instalp test. What I did not like was the random addition of items added to the Metro menu. The errors are only important if you notice any problems and are trying to troubleshoot. I couldn’t find any problem at first glance. I have it now on a completely clean install.

Really could use your opinion on this

I have a couple of questions: When I first installed my board I was running boosteer 7 ultimate x64 in a mbr install and I had tons of trouble until I did two things. Other times it’ll crash before you can log in to Windows. You can do this by following the below instructions: